Employee Management

Employee Management

Benefits of Employee Management


- Significant reduction in total managerial time spent

- Keep track of all employee activities without having to fill out complex time-schedules manually and eliminate the paperwork by managing all contracts digitally

- Check the task fulfillments, time and attendance, and monitor of whereabouts of employees during working hours, and plan shifts

- Have simply and seamless coordination with your employees

- Maintain your service quality always at top-level and increase customer satisfaction

- Always keep an eye on your team and manage their health and safety






How We Help


Seamless integration of specially designed Evreka Workforce, Evreka CaptainApp, and All-In-One Evreka Platform enable executives to comprehensively manage their human resources. Employee weekly leave and working days can be viewed easily and digitally by the executives, and seamless communication can be achieved. Therefore, tasks can be assigned to the correct employee at the right time, and the most accurate planning can be reached regarding H&S, time & attendance, and shift plan.


Managers can track their employees’ attendance and location. The solution eliminates the paperwork and provides the most up-to-date information to the managers. By keeping track of whether the tasks have taken place or by intervening promptly, any problems with service quality can be prevented, and customer satisfaction can be ensured. Also, since one eye is always on the employees, you can react quickly when any safety problem arises.






Managers can take sudden actions for sudden incidents with instant notifications from the field and get quick results. Moreover, managers are provided with a detailed report on driver behavior. The drivers' average speed, how much gasoline they spend on average, how much time they spend on the break, whether they follow the route, how many of the tasks they perform, how they comply with the traffic rules, health and safety status can be known!


Employee performance is measured and evaluated according to the management’s performance criteria. Moreover, all data is stored and reported for the performance comparisons between employees retrospectively. These comparisons ensure better service quality.



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What We Provide



Front liners are an essential resource for both public authorities and private companies. To maintain their health and safety, ensuring they fulfill their tasks and do not encounter any disruptions should be the industry's priority. But how can we be sure of it without tracking them? Besides, old-style techniques no longer provide seamless coordination as well as performance evaluation can not be carried out efficiently without data.


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