Bulky Waste Collection


Bulky Waste Collection
Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky waste is commonly used for the types of waste that are generally huge in volume and/or cannot be treated via convenient waste collection operations. To treat bulky wastes properly, the most commonly used approach is “communication”. The coordination is generally ensured by phone calls between the back-office and crews on the field. Bulky waste locations are transferred to the operators in the field and pictures of the area after fulfillment are requested from field operators in return. In the end, too much cognitive burden should be handled.

The most prominent advantage of Evreka Smart Bulky Waste Collection Solution is seamless communication:

  • The bulky waste task can be entered in the system through third-party sources (city council CRM systems, order management tools, etc), specially designed applications for inspectors/supervisors/drivers on the field or Evreka platform.
  • They can be assigned to the crews on the field either automatically or by using functionality-oriented pages with the easy vehicle and load tracking.
  • Each assignment is transferred to all environments and fulfillment tracking is done through before & after pictures from the apps used by drivers.
  • Repetition of an operation can be requested in case of any breach of quality assurance.
  • Retrospective SLA tracking and customized performance analysis can be made instantaneously.

As a whole, Evreka Smart Bulky Waste Collection Solution increases efficiency, decreases operational costs, supports data-driven decisions, and prevents undesired occurrences on the field. Thus, you can respond to requests from customers immediately and increase customer satisfaction.


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