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City Cleaning
City Cleaning

City cleaning operations are regular activities that are either managed by municipalities or private companies.  Whether on foot or in a vehicle, Evreka solutions provide continuous tracking cleaners and cleaning assets like a broom or shovel through end-to-end control over operations.

With Evreka’s Smart Waste Collection System, cleanliness of the environment increases with well-managed waste. Efficient waste collection is ensured by real-time information monitoring, analytics, and route planning, leading in fewer vehicles or trucks, less noise, less traffic, and less carbon emission in cities.

Managers are provided the most accurate and up-to-date data from the field. Employees location information can be continuously monitored, their service fulfillment can be tracked, and comparisons between employees can be made digitally. The user-friendly dashboard is specially designed to guarantee the quick and correct implementation of managerial decisions.