Private Waste Collection Companies


Commercial Waste Collection
Commercial Waste Collection

The commercial waste consists of waste from premises that are generated from trade, business, sport, recreation, education, and entertainment; but excludes household, agricultural, and industrial waste. 

Collection of industrial waste is handled by private waste management companies authorized by the contract signed with the waste generator. Although the waste management company might provide its service fulfillment information through different mediums, most of the time, these operations are untraceable and problematic.

Through Evreka Smart Commercial Waste Collection Solution:

  • All the waste containers on the field can be monitored, managers can relocate their assets in the field anytime.
  • Service fulfillment can be enabled real-time and service level agreements can be tracked.
  • All the operational data is stored on the all-in-one Evreka Platform for efficiency analysis.
  • Through the most up-to-date information, current operations can be tracked in real-time so that future service decisions can be made with the most correct data.

While the solution family eases the processes for waste management companies, the waste generators can contact their service providers through a mobile application; the Citizen App to request pickup orders and monitor the service they receive. Therefore, a seamless and high-quality business relation is also guaranteed.


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