Industrial Waste Collection


Industrial Waste Collection
Industrial Waste Collection

Industrial waste refers to solid waste generated by manufacturing or industrial processes. If improperly managed, industrial waste can result in dangerous health and environmental consequences. It is possible to manage such operations without danger to public health or environmental effects. 

Collection of industrial waste is handled by municipalities itself or the authorized private waste management companies. The size of the containers for industrial waste is bigger than the residential bins. Therefore, collection frequency changes according to business scale, so there are different types of operations to business scales. The collected wastes are left to recycle centers or landfills according to the waste type.

That is why Evreka delivers an extensive service about managing the industrial waste of all kinds and provides solutions to dispose of all the industrial waste efficiently and effectively. Evreka Smart Industrial Waste Collection Solution enables end-to-end control of the fleet, employee, asset, and operation:

  • Through mobile applications, tracking devices, RFID systems, and integrations; fulfillment tracking and container location tracking can be managed effectively. 
  • The most optimized route for operations is prepared, and environmentally friendly solutions are enabled.
  • Analysis of employee performance, vehicle utilization, SLAs, customer behavior, and any analysis specific for your business are provided automatically, and paperwork is reduced.

As a whole, Evreka Smart Industrial Waste Collection Solution increases efficiency, decreases operational costs, supports data-driven decisions, and prevents undesired occurrences on the field. Thus, you can respond to requests from customers immediately and increase customer satisfaction.


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