Residential Waste Collection


Residential Waste Collection
Residential Waste Collection

Residential waste indicates the waste generated by private homes/apartments and accumulated in the bins to be collected. The bins can be either private allocated to a home/apartment and managed under pay as you throw practices and placed in common areas.

Collection of residential waste is handled by municipalities itself or the private waste management companies authorized by the municipalities. In some regions, private companies authorized by citizens provide collection operations based on the requests coming from the citizens.

Through Evreka Smart Residential Waste Collection Solution:

  • The fleet, employee, asset, operation fulfillment can be tracked for residential waste collection operations with the help of mobile applications, sensors, RFID systems, and integrations. 
  • An optimized collection schedule is prepared based on the data gathered from the field, managerial decisions, and requests from the citizens.
  • Through optimized routes; efficiency increases and coordination is achieved between the field & back office & management.
  • All the data is kept in the all-in-one Evreka Platform and analyzed by specially designed algorithms to predict future needs and detect activities open to improvement. 

As a whole, Evreka Smart Residential Waste Collection Solution increases efficiency, decreases operational costs, supports data-driven decisions, and prevents undesired occurrences on the field. Thus, you can respond to requests from customers immediately and increase customer satisfaction.


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