Benefits of Evreka Intelligence


- Gain a competitive advantage and expand your business with data-driven intelligence

- Reduce your operational costs by optimizing every process, and prevent unwanted events in the field

- Perform at a higher service level and make sure your customers are satisfied

- No service level agreement (SLA) breaching

- Make more accurate decisions with objective-oriented strategic suggestions (ie. business growth, service level, cost minimization) and cause & effect analysis







How We Help


Through Evreka Intelligence, utilization levels and performance scores are always under control. You get the best suggestions/automation to enhance efficiency at any given time. The intelligence capabilities of Evreka can be run against the background of any operation that managers want! Each solution provided is ready to be used with intelligence regardless of operation type.


Optimal resource allocation is achieved using spatial analytics, and smart event management keeps your eyes on the field anytime to help you take the best action.


You can rely on Evreka Intelligence to prepare pricing studies, segment your customers, or sip a cup of coffee without any interruption from the field.









Dynamic Route Optimization


Based on precise data and traffic information, Evreka’s dynamic routing tool automates the waste collection process with the shortest directions to guarantee the maximum efficiency for the fleet.


When your fleet takes the road, you can easily track each step of the waste collection operation in real-time through the all-in-one Evreka Platform.




An emergency occurred? No problem, you can easily assign an instant task to the crew and check the status of it anytime you wish. Our platform allows you to communicate with your crew and easily manage them on a single screen.


Dynamic routing feature can be used in every operation from municipal to skip-hire, not for a single waste collection operation type. Because Evreka is flexible, solutions that fit the current needs of managers can be developed!


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Heat Map for Important Events


It is possible to see a heat map for the most critical events in your business. Managers can access data such as the frequency of a task to be done, which bins to be removed, average task completion performance, the effort allocation for a customer, and so on. Bin utilization places where vehicles have more accidents, the most common complaint time, or location from the citizens; regardless of all these events, heat map analysis, can be used. The heat map feature can be added-on inside the module that managers will supply from Evreka.


By understanding the current status of the operations, managers can maximize their utilization of value-adding activities and get a clear understanding of the waste infrastructure and achieve operational excellence. 


With Evreka Smart-Heat Map for Important Events, every kind of operation in the waste collection can be tracked effortlessly!


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Capacitated Route Optimization


In all kinds of waste collection and city cleaning operations, it is possible to integrate existing capacity limitations or optimize the capacities through Evreka algorithms. Capacity exceedings, can’t complete situations, and SLA breachings are handled in the most intelligent way.





You can manage operations more efficiently concerning task completion capacities. There will be no more exceeding in task capacity. Moreover, considerable improvements and reductions are seen in costs and time spent.


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Unit Economics


If you understand your unit economics in the operations, you will know what to do to achieve your goals and what you need to pay attention to make your waste management the most efficient and optimal. 


The unit economics works to get the returns you expect from your operations, services, routes, and customers and to make your plans accordingly.



You can track how much effort/money you are spending on your customers, service line, and route. Every kind of operation can be followed and managed efficiently and effortlessly from an economic perspective. Operational excellence is achieved through Evreka Smart Unit Economics!

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Journey Builder


The journey builder is a series of automation for communication and triggering of the next events. Your customized business flow can be reflected via predetermined rules and actions. You won’t lose time to take action next time! It empowers managers to visualize and create dynamic AI-powered waste collection and city cleaning operations. Managers can understand how every single option in the journey is working and use these insights to tailor and optimize their journeys continually.


This series of automation will lead to a better understanding of the nature of waste management, and eventually, operational excellence will be achieved.


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BI & Analytics


Operational, financial, and performance data are essential for the continuity of waste industry services and operations, enabling customers to determine their profitability.


With BI and Analytics developed as in-house, Evreka provides data to users to ensure that they achieve maximum value, optimize their routes, define pricing strategies and expansion areas, and manage an efficient business.


In addition to all these, with the suggestions and in-depth reports provided within the Evreka All-In-One Platform, Evreka is the biggest supporter of the managers in increasing their service quality and making more accurate decisions!







What We Provide



Evreka Intelligence is a module developed by Evreka to provide waste analytics, business insights, and efficiency improving suggestions and automation. Through the integration of operational data, external data, and best practices worldwide, Evreka Intelligence is bringing higher service levels with minimum effort!


Meet Evreka Intelligence to make smarter decisions and stay ahead of the game. Click the button below to reach us.






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