Operations Management

Operations Management

Benefits of Operations Management


- Significant reduction in total managerial time spent

- Maximize your profit

- Manage & control and orchestrate each participant involved in the operation

- Better chance of reducing your costs and improving the productivity of your company’s operations

- Quickly generate and import operational reports

- Reach operational efficiency analyses anytime

- Ability to manage tenants separately in operations






How We Help


The age of handling fleet dispatching using whiteboards is over. Tracking, delivery, and communication can now be done through a mobile app. Telematics dispatch responds to the challenges of new routing by offering a higher degree of fleet visibility, power, transparency, and efficiency. 


Management is given full control over the operations. Managers can revise the tasks and reassign them anytime. Instantaneously generated tasks can be planned and assigned with the Evreka Supervisor App. Managers can access real-time location and service fulfillment information for operational excellence. 


Managers can view all the notifications and the feedback received from vehicles, assets, employees, citizens, or customers on a single dashboard. Moreover, with just one click, the required actions can be taken to improve service quality.




Real-time information about your fleet-from location, availability, status, and access-is important for any service organization, regardless of the size of your fleet. Scheduling allows you to identify and update in almost real-time before potential problems become problems, helping you to provide proactive customer services.


Gain an instant and in-depth oversight of your operations with detailed reports. Discover opportunities for improvement with Operations Management Reporting within Evreka. The comprehensive reporting framework for services facilitates more efficient planning that can be further improved by integration with other optimization tools by third parties. For performance analyzes and future program changes, all past operating data is stored on the cloud. The Platform helps the administration to generate and import operational reports quickly.



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What We Provide



Evreka Platform enables end-to-end control over waste collection and city cleaning operations. Managers are provided the most accurate and up-to-date data from the field. The user-friendly dashboard is specially designed to guarantee the quick and correct implementation of managerial decisions.


Execute all operational processes with one integrated SaaS system. With Evreka Operations Management waste and recycling companies are able to automate and digitize their complete workflow in one seamless process.


Meet the Operations Management solution of Evreka to better manage your truck-based municipal waste operations. Click the button below to reach us.







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