10 Common Problems The Fleet Managers May Face

10 Common Problems The Fleet Managers May Face


Large businesses that cover a wide area own thousands of vehicles and are responsible for many drivers across several cities or even different countries with a variety of specific challenges when it comes to fleet management. Considering the excessive number of fleets taking the field every day, and other third-party organizations businesses have to work with, there is no chance to effectively manage them, reduce costs, and improve performance without actionable data. 



Rapid growth in waste management has seen it become ever more complex. Waste collection no longer meets consumer/citizen standards to a specific day and level. For fleet managers, the need to have more precise collection times, more information on the status of assignments, and improved flexibility from the time of order right up to the end of delivery pose challenges.


Check out the ten fleet management problems:


1) Awareness of drivers' health, safety, and completion of their work

Unplanned or long breaks might throw off your timings, but without data, it's impossible to figure off if that's the problem. Similarly, you don't want to get down on all of your drivers because many of them can take clean breaks – other issues can cause their delays. Monitoring and tracking systems enable you to determine which driver is and is not working at the level that you expect. It will also help evaluate your drivers accurately so that you can promote good driving and reward your best drivers. 


2) Manage the geofence-based fleet

Maintenance of large fleets includes asset management over a vast geographic region. Fleets operating around cities, or even overseas, face difficulties communicating with remote drivers; it can take endless scrolling through a map to locate vehicles in a given area.


You need to be able to quickly zoom in and out of your fleet map while your fleet is spread over a wide geographic area. Fleet management tools should be equipped with an excellent visualization to allow managers to get from possessing a wide-angle perspective of their entire fleet. Also, clustering is required to build more accurate maps, group thousands of assets, and give a structured view of your fleet.


3) Real-time fleet monitoring

Because fleet managers are responsible for a large number of assets for big business companies, it can be challenging to find a particular vehicle, resulting in wasted time and needless frustration. One eye must be on the cars to make sure everything runs smoothly in your fleet. With live tracking, you can also improve your muscle by taking fast action to potential problems.


4) Optimizing the routes

Adaptable and scalable dynamic routing is one of the most popular technologies today. It is necessary to update the pre-determined and even memorized routes. At the same time, it is essential to add extra collection points at the last minute, change the route for emergencies, and update the route in parallel with the traffic information. All of this goes beyond the concept of static routing and creates the need for dynamic and optimized routes.






5) Integration of fleet data into current operating systems

Fleets function in big companies operating loads of diverse information systems, all of which need to work harmoniously and effectively. Software systems that do not integrate result in reduced efficiency because data must be entered multiple times or transferred manually. Therefore, it becomes imperative to integrate with existing systems. But finding software that can be fully integrated and finally keeping up with the digital age is harder than expected. Evreka comes into play at this point.


6) Software systems which can accommodate rapid growth

Scalable simply means that an application will evolve and cope with a growing organization. Enterprise fleet managers work in large corporations, manage thousands of vehicles, and not quite experience rapid growth. The company's growth rate, the fleet, and the management must keep pace so that success can be achieved.



7) The management of tenants and subcontractors

Through tracking tenants and subcontracts strictly, you can maintain track of your strategic plans, access historical data as appropriate, and report easily, handle the financial situation, and be aware of all third-party activities.


8) Money loss

Like with most companies, businesses currently always have to pay some fixed costs such as fuel, insurance, maintenance costs. Profit is the goal of any company and can only be gained by reducing unnecessary expenses. You will spend a lot of money on meeting fuel costs, paying penalties, bills for repairs, and coping with unhappy customers.


9) Extra time spent on report production and paperwork

As a fleet manager, you'll have many duties and tasks to complete with a deadline, such as ensuring customer satisfaction, motivating fleet drivers, and preserving vehicle safety. Besides, the fleet drivers are excessively involved in completing the daily paperwork and wasting time.


The collection of statistical data from the tracking system is needed. It is further provided via reports to reduce the fleet manager's role because there is a dramatic reduction in the amount of paperwork.



10) Handling information overload

Do you think the timetable or the route is never followed? Do your drivers not arrive when they should? That the knock-on effects turn to prepare activities for your fleet into a nightmare? The fleet of thousands is producing large quantities of data for analysis by fleet managers. The larger the fleet, the more knowledge it provides. Without technology support, it is impossible to handle it. This also brings a lot of experience, a cognitive burden, and causes a lot of mistakes.



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