3 Ways to Reduce Your Waste-Related Costs During the COVID-19 Process

3 Ways to Reduce Your Waste-Related Costs During the COVID-19 Process

3 Ways to Reduce Your Waste-Related Costs During the COVID-19 Process


Waste production worldwide has increased recently. The majority of these wastes are household wastes, medical wastes, and recyclable wastes. The question is that the companies and local authorities responsible for the collection and disposal of these wastes have enough budgets and resources? It is possible to take the necessary precautions for better resource allocation. However, it should not be forgotten that waste collectors ensure continuity in communication between waste producers with them. This can be a citizen, factory, restaurants or hospitals.


In this post, we will talk about how to use your resources better and reduce the cost with Evreka Solutions.


1-Waste Generation Behaviors According to Regions


Vehicles are responsible for certain areas in each waste collection operation. However, one of the biggest problems is to visit the containers in these regions before they are full or to visit after they are overfull. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is to know the waste generation behavior of the people living in the region. In this way, the heat map prepared with the Evreka Platform in the determined regions can be examined and the frequency of visits to the regions can be decided and the distribution of resources can be determined. If necessary, by reducing the frequency of visits in some regions, the risk of both employees can be reduced and unnecessary fuel consumption is eliminated. While taking all these measures, communication continuity with the citizen should be ensured and containers should be provided where necessary.


2-Segregation of Waste


These days, when everyone is at home, packaged food consumption has increased more than before, so one of the most important issues is the proper separation of waste. It is very important to know the amount of waste collected in this process, to deliver recyclable materials to the recycling centers and to eliminate the remaining waste in the most accurate way. Thus, the operational costs can be reduced by using labor efficiently at every stage from the collection process to disposal. Improving waste segregation can increase the ease and efficiency of recycling. So how can you cooperate with the citizens in this process? With the CleanCity application, citizens can send you a request or find the nearest containers by filtering them according to the waste type.


3-Capacitated Route Optimization


You can complete your operations in the most efficient way with the routes prepared specially for you using the Evreka solution and planned according to the capacity of your vehicles. With this feature in the Evreka Platform based on the AI algorithm, you can determine how many containers a vehicle can collect on the system according to historical data and assign the route automatically to your drivers. Thus, at the end of the operation, the vehicles use their capacity to the fullest by reducing their fuel consumption.


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