Achieve Operational Excellence with Evreka Solutions

Achieve Operational Excellence with Evreka Solutions

Evreka continues to bring new benefits to the waste industry to make waste collection and city cleaning operations more manageable and excellent. Evreka is one of the global leaders in this industry for waste-related processes with its hardware-enabled software and specialised mobile applications, investing heavily in its innovative Evreka All-In-One Platform.


To make waste collection and city cleaning processes more sustainable, manageable, and traceable; EvrekaCrew keeps enhancing the way of waste management by putting its users at the centre, following the global market trends, predicting the future technologies, and always listening the feedbacks of customers and answering their needs & wants immediately with its flexible solutions.


The things that make Evreka different and more advanced than its competitors are the reasons listed above. What do you think are the next solutions of the leading SaaS company, which always develops its technologies with continuous innovation and #alwaysbetter approach?


No Missed Bins Anymore!


Interestingly, missed bins problem is emerging in cities even with the waste collection companies using waste management platforms. Despite being a drawn and optimized route, some councils receive dozens of missed bins complaints daily by the public. There are excuses that can be listed such as too many bins to be collected daily, people not removing their waste at the right time, or when the staff knowingly not collect the bins for some reason.


In those days these are often in the industry; there is a lack of optimization, a lack of evidence of the work being done, and a large number of dissatisfied citizens and councils. The solution to all these problems is provided by Evreka's intelligent and most comprehensive products. With the analysis Evreka provides, customers can see the reasons why those bins are missed, and Evreka offers allocation suggestions for this problem. With the data from the field, Evreka can also see that an asset is instantly missed and then reallocate it again. Last but not least, citizens can easily contact and report their complaints and requests. As a result, missed bins will be a thing of the past!


Allocate The Resources Effectively


Currently, Evreka provides the data and analysis to its users regarding resource allocation. Evreka also visualises the data with the analytics and reporting dashboard, which can be created in any BI application. This Flexible Business Intelligence solution allows managers to search, consolidate and analyse the waste and environmental data.


It is an ideal tool for supervisors and managers looking to make better-informed business decisions by analysing the relevant analytics data in an easy-to-understand format. With the given suggestions and predictions, managers will be helped to make decisions that will make them reach operational excellence. With best-in-class intelligence solutions, Evreka has started to forecast and make suggestions about resource allocation. Thanks to resource allocation optimisation, Evreka's users can create their plans more efficiently and reach cost-efficiency!


Take advantage of Evreka's most advanced solutions to reduce customer complaints to zero, enable companies to operate smarter & more seamlessly & more digitally, and achieve operational excellence. Click here to get your demo now!