Discover Evreka's Solutions For The Challenges in Asset Management

Discover Evreka's Solutions For The Challenges in Asset Management


In the "Top 5 Challenges in Asset Management The Firms Face Today!" blogpost, various problems have been listed and explained in detail. Although they seem to be hard to deal with and cause some operational and managerial problems, achieving better operation is not impossible.


Now it is the time of Evreka Solutions! Here are the five features of asset management modules that improve operational and managerial efficiency!




1) Asset Tracking

Assets should be monitored closely for better operation. Although tracking the assets seem hard to handle, seamless integration of Evreka Sense and Evreka Locate with Evreka Platform Asset Management modules can/may solve those problems. The Evreka Platform Asset Management module and Evreka hardware can track real-time assets and keep up-to-date information. Owing to the Evreka Platform asset manager knows the location of any container in real-time. With the integration of the Evreka Locate and Evreka Platform, users can set alerts to be informed of location changes by SMS/e-mail.




2) Asset Monitoring

The asset managers should know all assets and control the status of the assets as in the field, and the Evreka Platform and devices are the way to do it. Owing to the Evreka Platform and its high-quality asset management devices, container fill-level, temperature, and location can be monitored easily. By monitoring the level, temperature, and location instantaneously with the Evreka Platform and devices, asset managers can take action against the possible incident such as a fire.




3) Asset Lifecycle

Managers should track down the assets for long-time operation by checking their lifecycle status and proper operation. The Evreka Platform Asset Management module serves to monitor the asset lifecycle. The reporting properties and full control over the asset in details prevent the losses.


4) Maintenance Management

To prevent the company from extra cost and workload,  identifying asset management problems in terms of unscheduled downtime, and keeping possible asset out of the service or maintaining them beforehand is crucial. Thanks to the Evreka Platform, asset managers can keep their maintenance history and manage it. Managers reach the report anytime to get full control over the details, including the assets' maintenance cycle.  With the Evreka Asset Management module, they can make instant supervision on them and control their maintenance to avoid misusage.


5) Inventory Management

How can companies manage their stock and estimate their near-real-time position? The answer is inventory management. With the Evreka Platform Asset Management module, companies' stocks can be monitored practically. Also, the best inventory planning can be optimized and reported to the manager for the future. Thanks to the Evreka Platform, optimized planning eliminates stock-out problems.


Evreka is here to bring your operation the best!

Evreka Asset Management module provides asset tracking, incident management, maintenance management, reporting, inventory management, and asset lifecycle. The Asset Management module helps managers control their assets and reduce the cost and total managerial time spent with a user-friendly interface. Meet Evreka’s All-In-One solution family to take full control of your asset. 


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