Evreka is Recognized as One of the Bests!

Evreka is Recognized as One of the Bests!

Forbes, one of the most prestigious magazines in the world, has included Evreka in its two most valuable lists this year; 50 Best Startups and 30 Under 30 lists.


Forbes Turkey has compiled the "50 Best Startups 2019" list for the first time this year and recognized Evreka as one the bests in Turkey. It is believed that the companies which have been included in this list will reach a high valuation in the near future and will be the subject of a great story.  


Evreka is considered as one of the actors who promises to write the big story and add up to future technologies through aiming advanced technology. Evreka owes this success to the sustainable high-tech solutions it produces and promotes. Evreka's positive contribution to the lifestyles of every citizen in the world and its efforts to improve living spaces in an environmentally sensitive manner are other factors that enable Evreka to write this success story and be recognized by the most prestigious magazine in the world. 


Another list by Forbes, which is applied for the first time in Turkey but implemented in the United States for eight years, is 30 under 30 List.


Forbes Turkey has listed 30 young people below the age of 30 who changes the industry they are working in, inspires others, and add positive effects to people's lives.


Evreka's co-founders, Umutcan Duman and Mert Barutçu, have been chosen for the 30 Under 30 list as the most successful young people below the age of 30 in Turkey. They are considered as the architects of the change in the world as a result of the value they are creating by their hard work, dedication, and the steps they take today for the future.


We want to thank Forbes for finding Evreka's work valuable and recognizing EvrekaCrew's efforts to add value to the world. As EvrekaCrew, we are very grateful to our founders for leading us to be involved in this change and innovation that will benefit everyone's lives, and we are very proud of them. We keep working hard to go even higher our current level of success and trying to touch the lives of more people. We also want to thank Forbes Turkey for seeing Evreka worthy for these precious lists; and thank all of our business partners, clients, and supporters who trust us and share our vision.