Evreka - The Green Office

Evreka - The Green Office

About Us:

Evreka is a software company that improves waste collection and city cleaning processes by providing high technology and environmentally friendly solutions. Evreka's services reduce costs, save time and increase citizen satisfaction. As the leader in its sector, Evreka works with waste management companies and smart municipalities in USA, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Qatar, Morocco, Congo, Oman, Gabon, and Saudi Arabia.


While we have been happy to be a METU Technopolis company since our establishment, EvrekaCrew reflects our experience in waste management to our office life. We are implementing the green office concept, which we consider as one of the important building blocks of our sustainable business model, in various ways. We aim to create a respectful workplace with the changes we have made to reduce and prevent waste in office spaces where we spend a large part of our lives.


What Are We Doing On September 21?

World Cleanup Day, which has been implemented around the world since 2008, will take place on September 21 this year. Every year, volunteers and solution partners from all over the world come together on this determined date to organize waste collection activities in designated areas such as forests, rural areas, and beaches. The aim of the event is to draw attention to environmental pollution and to raise awareness of proper waste management.


As EvrekaCrew, we contribute every year to the awareness-raising activities on the subject of World Cleanup Day. However, we believe that the correct waste management awareness should be based on comprehensive information efforts, not an activity. In short, we say, “Don't make me pick up the waste, teach me what the waste is”. With this philosophy, we aim to share our experience with you in order to purify your working environment and create a green office during September.


What Do We Do?

We dispose of all wastes in the office by throwing them into the relevant containers. We even did training on this. It is very important that the team contributes correctly to the separation and recycling process. A lot of known information about waste disposing is actually largely incorrect or incomplete.


We do not buy disposable paper or plastic cups. Instead, everyone has their own cup or water flask, and we go to coffee shops with our own thermoses, we don't buy straws. For the fresh members of EvrekaCrew, we add a water flask to our welcome kits and we infuse this philosophy from the first day.


We're against paper waste! Unless necessary, we do not print any documents and keep electronic copies. We request that our invoices be forwarded electronically.


We invite the others to support us with a small warning that we have placed under our mail signatures.

We set our default web browser to Ecosia and help them plant trees with our Internet searches.

Our printer's default printing option is set to double-sided, and most offices use crazy amounts of A4 paper, which is not the case in our office!


Another important paper product is notebooks and agendas. At Evreka, we prefer an undated datebook, with pages that can be reused, instead of a new one. The pages of our agenda can be cleaned by entering the microwave and thus can be used many times. The notebooks that we have prepared as promotional products are produced from recycled material.

We continue to apply the minimum waste philosophy for lunch. In order to avoid plastic packaging, we try to bring our meals from home as much as possible, and when ordered, we ask that they do not send disposable plastic cutlery and napkins.

The welcome kit that we give to the new members of EvrekaCrew has a cloth bag. We love it and we use it at every opportunity.

In the morning and in the evening, our friends who live nearby prefer to come together instead of reaching them separately. In this way, we reduce our carbon footprint.