Fascinating Employee Management Solutions That Can Help Your Business Grow

Fascinating Employee Management Solutions That Can Help Your Business Grow

Do you know the fact that having a good employee management system makes your company 21% more profitable? As the research conducted by Gallup reveals, employee management is one of the most fundamental things to increase the performance and profit of the firm. It can be easily predicted that every company or organization wants the most efficient way of working, however, managing employees is a challenging task for the managers especially in an industry like waste management in which most of the employees are mobile and responsible for several task types that change with the day. Waste management companies or the governmental institutions that are dealing with waste management, mainly do employee based operations in various locations. Since those people in charge have limited monitoring control over their employees, facing some challenges in employee management is inevitable. 



One of the major difficulties for managers is not being able to combine traditional human resources methods with their jobs. Most of the time, they have little knowledge about the attendance of their employees. Managers are not fully aware of the clock in and clock out of their employees, in other words, they don’t know which worker worked for how many hours. In addition, managers cannot reach information on employees’ working days and absenteeism. In order to overcome these problems in staff management, a system that enables employers to achieve flawless communication with their employees should be integrated into the job. Moreover, assigning the right task for the right employee in terms of the H&S, attendance and shift plan should also be provided in the system. 



Another drawback of a poor employee management system is not being able to keep track of employees during working hours. Managers should know the employees’ tasks and be able to track whether they are completing it or not. To monitor the employees and their tasks, a system featured with geofencing based location check is a necessity for waste management companies. Furthermore, during the working hours, an incident may happen and the majority of the managers cannot take quick actions to solve the problem due to the lack of an incident management system that relates to employee management. All employers must have a system that notifies them immediately when an incident happens.



The final challenge in employee management is that most of the managers lose time on report creation while having obstacles with performance evaluation. Even in today’s world, there are few waste collection companies that use the reporting system. A reporting system that provides an instant report of any information needed to be checked, would be a great tool for managers to save time and collect accurate data. The information on the report can be exemplified as drivers' average speed, average gasoline consumption, total break time, whether they follow the route or not, total performed tasks and the health and safety status of the driver. Employee performance evaluation is another necessity for the companies to measure the performance of their employees and compare each other retrospectively. 


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