For the Cities with Non-Waste: Cleancity

For the Cities with Non-Waste: Cleancity

Have you met Evreka Cleancity, a city-friendly hero? We know that you have a busy life that is passing through the hustle and bustle of the rapidly changing, growing and crowded cities. So, how responsible are you for your actions in your city? Do you take any precaution for the wastes you create in this rush, and even more, are you aware of how much waste you produce?


Systematic measures in cities against the growing problem of waste have become vital, and it would be quite wrong to expect only local authorities to take action. Against this problem, as the whole citizens, we urgently need to do our best to reduce waste generation and add up to waste management. Of course, the best solutions for this are going through new and innovative ways. Fortunately, Evreka, which offers intelligent solutions for waste management processes, has created a great solution for all of us: Cleancity!



As an active citizen, you can contribute to the waste collection process and ensure that the waste you generate is correctly separated and collected. All you have to do is download the Cleancity to your mobile phone and discover the nearest containers. You want to separate your waste and throw them into the right containers, but you don't know where you can throw it? I seem to hear you say yes. If you say “I want to separate the glasses in my house but I don't know where the glass recycling bin in my neighborhood is. So, I'm constantly postponing being a part of the change.” or “My closet is full of clothes I'm not wearing, but I don't know who to give it to. I wish I knew where the clothes recycling bins are..." you can solve these problems easily with Cleancity!


The Cleancity helps you quickly and easily find waste collection points near you using your location from your smartphone. It also allows you to be directly involved in waste collection management processes as a citizen. Cleancity has been developed to contribute to the environment and recycling in order to create more livable ‘smart’ and clean cities and to contribute to the waste separation systems that our municipalities have started to implement widely.


“Great, let me tell you more about what I can do!” 


  • You can find out which type of waste should be disposed of and where.
  • You can see the waste containers closest to you, click on the pin on the map to get to the current data about the container and then get directions.
  • You can add non-registered containers to the system by taking a photo with the "Add Container" option and entering the number of them.
  • You can report requests, opinions, and problems related to the containers in your location. With the "Report Status" option, you can report your request by taking photos from your current location.