Fully Integrated Solutions in Waste Management

Fully Integrated Solutions in Waste Management

Whether you are a smart municipality or private waste collection company, you need a complete waste management system that helps both the overall decisions that you give about the whole waste-related processes and the day-to-day operations of your team to run smoothly.


Evreka is a hardware-enabled software company providing intelligent solutions that can be integrated with any other third party software or hardware tool for any kind of waste collection and cleaning operations. With the most comprehensive solution, Evreka allows its users to track and manage their complicated tasks in the easiest way to achieve operational efficiency via the one and only complete platform to rule them all.


Evreka serves fully integrated waste management solutions to its customers. The sector that Evreka is in is highly competitive, and the technology that industry follows is rapidly changing to operate efficiently. The vast majority of other players in the waste management sector can't keep up with change and lags behind. The ultimate reason for it is the use of non-integrated operating systems. This integration involves CRM systems, billing systems, human resource management, accounting systems, and any hardware tool suitable for integration. Whenever a collection company or a municipality operates its systems disparately, there is no way to achieve operational excellence because of the non-continuous communication, lack of coordination, and therefore operations are dramatically slowing down.


Benefits of Fully Integrated Solutions


1. Achieve seamless communication between the back office and the field


To ensure that your operations run smoothly and seamlessly, you should be aware of each individual and team involved in the process, and this team and individuals should be aware of each other. Seamless communication ensures that your waste collection operations run like a well-oiled machine. Keeping everything under control and monitoring with real-time data will also minimize complaints from your customers or citizens. If you cannot convey information to employees in the field, your effort to improve your customer service and service quality will be compromised.


There are many mobile solution applications developed by Evreka for the parties in the back office and on the field to communicate directly and to eliminate possible problems in this communication. All of these mobile solutions (such as Captain App, Dispatcher App, Supervisor App, Field App) can be easily integrated with the Evreka All-In-One Platform. Thanks to the integrated solutions, the management of staff in the field is easily achieved. In order to increase customer satisfaction; if your drivers have a reason for not being able to serve a customer properly, they can easily take photos and send them back to the office to document precisely why they couldn't complete the service. As we always say, there will be no missed bins anymore with seamless communication thanks to Evreka's intelligent solutions.


2. Integrate with CRM & Human Resources & Accounting systems


In every modern-day operation, you have to manage your customers, build customer journeys, manage the bills, and consolidate financial systems. It is far from being easily scalable to enter data manually, to be able to trade between various spreadsheets and to send back and forth reports between multiple employees. Customer management, human resources, billing, and accounting information should be consistent, and you have to provide all the necessary information to your employees to collect relevant data. Also, you should be able to see in-scale data and quickly view material reports all from the same platform. To maintain an efficient waste operation, it is essential to have a single system to access customer data and financial reports easily, and being able to integrate with other systems is a must.


3. Customer services


Being always accessible to your customers is very important in today's market because people seek convenience in the service they receive and want to communicate their requests quickly. They can express their problems instantly, choose the hours/services that suit them for solutions, and set orders. This service is frequently used in on-demand waste collection operations, and it is advantageous. At the same time, payments and billing can be done easily with payment integration. Last but not least, your back office transactions do not manually enter the account information and look at the route pages to see the availability. All can be automated with Evreka on-demand services.


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