Going Green in Business

Going Green in Business

Almost half of the companies in the world have promised to use renewable resources in line with the increasingly severe climate crisis. The study, conducted by a research company, sheds light on how businesses and consumers react to climate change and steps to reduce carbon emissions. While the research draws attention to the limited access of consumers to renewable energy sources, it also mentions the ambitious goals that companies set to reduce their impact on the world.


While the study explains that businesses are trying to manage their resources economically efficiently, it also states that they have been more sensitive to sustainable development than in the past. In the evaluations made by decision-makers, the environmental impact dimension has become a criterion taken much more seriously.


The researcher says that since 2016, many companies have set their resource management goals formally and have greatly expanded their budget to achieve these goals. More companies are now looking for ways to switch to renewable energy sources, reduce carbon emissions, and produce less waste.


Sustainable Revolution


While two of the three companies participating in the study stated that their customers want to purchase products produced with renewable resources, %72 of these companies officially announce their annual resource usage to the public. Besides, they rolled up their sleeves to integrate new, sophisticated energy management systems that reduce their power consumption. According to the study, companies want to increase their corporate awareness of their environmental impacts and ways to minimize this, rather than seeing sustainable business models as opportunities that will only create cost cuts.



Acceleration and assertion of environmental targets have increased since 2016 because achieving these targets has become an important indicator of success for companies in international markets. As a result, companies also facilitated efficient resource management by placing sustainability steps among their employees' goals.


While companies from different industries understand that creating sustainable business models is almost a necessity, they realize that it is much more costly to ignore green solutions that they can apply in their business processes or offices. It is believed that the radical changes initiated by the industry leaders to create a greener work environment will resonate among all companies in the sector, regardless of their size.

%86 of businesses believe that environmental efforts are a necessary step to take part in a financial competition, while %82 of them make serious contributions to their corporate identity. This is also considered as a response to consumers' increasingly shifting demands. 


With the gradual decline of renewable resource costs and the global transition towards sustainable development, the number of companies that set targets for green offices and low-carbon business models is proliferating.


The study finally explains that companies do not have to choose between creating a financial advantage in their business models and being environmentally friendly. As the sensitivity towards environmental targets increases, new technologies, services, and different solutions will continue to be created that will both financially support companies and satisfy consumers. The cost-effectiveness of developing green business models will be beneficial in all respects: it will also create a favorable environment for competing while fighting climate change.


Undoubtedly, a nature-friendly corporate identity is one of the new trends in the business world. In addition to a safe business model, giving the necessary importance to sustainable development has become an inevitable need.