How Does EvrekaCrew Work Remotely During a Pandemic Crisis?

How Does EvrekaCrew Work Remotely During a Pandemic Crisis?


As all over the world witnessing the unexpected crisis COVID-19, as EvrekaCrew we have been working remotely like many of the companies for a while. We have started to work from our homes since the first case detected in Turkey to prevent possible problems. As a team that can easily adapt itself as a whole to the changing environment and situations, this process was seen as a process that gave us a chance to improve our muscles which were not used by us before. As you have already noticed from the title above in this article, you may find a solution for your team that has been witnessing crisis management. 




So, here are some important tips and their intended and unintended consequences. Hope you find them useful and effective. 


Scheduled Team Meetings: Yes we are working remotely and maybe we are very far away from each other. But we are aware that we are still part of a team. These scheduled team calls are divided into two parts for EvrekaCrew. The compulsory ones in which we set up for the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. In these kinds of calls, we mention the details of our days and share our mood with others. To boost our moods, it is the most important part of our remotely working process during the quarantine period of our lives. By these meetings, we can feel each other as if we are at the office. Seeing each other on a daily basis is really important for the team members to be able to continue to be aligned. The second parts of the calls are the ones that can be substituted for our office talks or coffee breaks. If you are available you are free to join these sessions to get away from work and feel socialized. As we noticed, it is kind of helping bound the Crew members to each other. Because we got the chance to see the importance of our colleagues in our daily lives with this process. We are seeing each member of EvrekaCrew everyday, unlike before. Because we have different offices placed in different cities.





Organized Working Environment: We strongly believe the power of a separate working place that is created for home is a crucial part of keeping things going on. With this point of view, we can still feel the difference between working and other times of our lives. Every Crew member was supported to create/design their own working environment in their homes. In this way, we can decrease the unproductivity that may occur due to the opportunity of relaxing more commonly compared to the office. 





Using Calendar to be able to organize: The way of working has shifted dramatically when we face the consequences of the virus. We had a routine before this change both for our daily lives and office life. To organize and not to get lost between all the tasks that will meet different deadlines in a soon, EvrekaCrew uses the GoogleCalender on a daily basis. This gave us to see our progress by dividing our time to the slots and also it increased the productivity among the team members. While keeping up to date with your calendar to the other members of the team, also you boost your productivity by organizing before the day.



Showing up the Camera / Being ready for the camera: Of course, we do not wait for all the members of the meetings to show fancy all the time and act like a YouTuber but while “being camera-ready” we put our importance to our work. Putting your good looks on your clothes changes the view of your colleagues. Being away from the pajamas and continuing to wear your routine increases the discipline of the team and the focus of the individual. So, prepare yourself as if you are going to the office!


Communication (IS REALLY EVERYTHING): Either we work remotely or not, communication is an integral part of team alignment. Think of its effect during a worldwide pandemic crisis. HUGE. Now, writing is the most important part of our communication way. We use different tools to communicate with our team members. Since it cannot be like face to face communication via online tools, we have to take into account that we have to express ourselves in a clear way in order not to cause any misunderstandings. The receiver of your message should not feel any doubt according to your voice. At this point, we highly recommend that you do it with your phones or online calls so that you can see the mimics or hear the voice of your colleagues. Please pay attention that it is a difficult period for all the individuals and increase the quality of your communication way. Being available from the possible platforms is another important point for the teams. As a matter of fact, we are physically away from each other so being offline is not the best thing that you can do for your team members. Update your situation for the team members in order to prevent possible inconveniences. Informing each other during this process is a part of our responsibility. 



Find your way of fun:  YASSSSS! You have to put it. Is there any chance away from it? No. But the content may vary up to your organizational culture. We put on some online sessions to only have fun. It includes some online games that we play together, or only for chat. We share our embarrassing childhood memories, we do sport together via using online call platforms, we share the recipes that we tried, share our pets the way snoring. We are aware that this period is a little bit different from the others. So, putting fun and sharing each other is the main motivation for our happiness.



Hope this article is very helpful for your team. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share it with us. EvrekaCrew wish you to healthy days for your team and family!