Importance of Waste Management in the Crisis Times

Importance of Waste Management in the Crisis Times

The current pandemic situation in the whole world brings significant challenges to our daily lives. One of them is the management of solid waste operations regularly. Well organized waste collection operation is a crucial element that will affect the spread of the virus. That is why these operations should be identified as an essential public service and be continued as usual.


As mentioned above, regular management of waste collection and disposal processes and delivering service to everyone play a critical role in public health. The question is, what should be done to manage these operations in the best way?


  • Assure continuity of the service
  • Determine priorities according to operation types
  • Making better resource allocation regarding these priorities
  • Ensure that the employees take the necessary precautions during the operations


Collection of medical waste includes infected gloves and masks, used medicines, and other contaminated things under the appropriate condition, and separating them from household waste plays a vital role in preventing a secondary effect on the spread of the pandemic. After the collection of medical waste, they should be stored and then treated in special facilities according to the hazardous waste procedure.


Continuity of the waste services is not only for medical waste but also for household waste. An increase in consumption in the houses also caused an increase in the generation of waste more than ever during these days when we stay at home. This showed that the existing collection frequency should be increased and delivered service to everyone in the same quality. The best way to achieve this is for municipalities and companies responsible for collection to make better resource allocation and take additional actions to prevent the health of the workers. All workers carry out operations with relevant health and safety equipment. 




Due to the increasing number of cases and insufficient capacity of hospitals all over the world, patients who are in the recovery process continue quarantine conditions in their homes. However, since the risk is not minimized completely, the waste of these citizens and their families should be collected separately from other household wastes, and these wastes, like medical wastes, should be disposed of under proper control.


Another critical issue is the disposal, collection, and recycling of recyclable waste into different containers. With the increased production these days, where we use packaged waste more, if we do not continue the waste separation process that started at our homes, this will cause a collapse in the recycling system established in many countries. Therefore, the collection operation of recyclable wastes should be continued as in organic wastes.


So how can Evreka help you with these steps?


Evreka serves a fully integrated solution with the process management system that we provide on our platform, you can track each and every step in operation in real-time, make sure that the employees take the necessary precautions during the operations and access detailed analysis with the reporting system that we provide at the end of the operation. Take your demo today!