Integrated Waste Management Hierarchy

Integrated Waste Management Hierarchy

With the increasing population and industrialization, there is no single approach to solve the waste problem that puts enormous pressure on the environment. Waste prevention, waste reduction, recycling, recovery, and disposal steps are implemented in the waste management process. As can be seen, the failure to solve the waste problem with a single step has led to the need for Integrated Waste Management.


What is Integrated Waste Management Hierarchy?

The Integrated Waste Management Hierarchy aims to evaluate all waste management steps as a whole and to ensure sustainability in both environmental and economic terms. Effective waste management is only possible by combining all methods. According to the Integrated Waste Management Hierarchy, preventing and reducing waste at the source is the first step. In cases where waste generation cannot be avoided, reuse and recycling stages are applied. For waste types where recycling is not possible, regular landfilling is also carried out.



  • Reduction: It aims to reduce the amount of waste produced as a result of production at its source and to avoid unnecessary consumption.
  • Reuse: It aims to use the produced wastes to form another product.
  • Recycling: It is the process of recycling wastes to production without being subjected to physical and chemical processes.
  • Recovery: It aims to reuse waste by physical and chemical processes instead of raw materials used in enterprises.
  • Disposal: Waste that cannot be recovered or recycled is disposed of. Since disposal costs are high, regular storage is done.


Efficient integrated waste management requires waste characterization, performance requirements, reliable data, and sufficient cost information. According to all this information, waste management steps are determined. Integrated waste management is a compelling method for both the environment and human health. Environmental sustainability is also ensured through waste management steps.