Keeping Up With The Digital Age: Evreka Proudly Presents The Most Modular Waste Management Solution!

Keeping Up With The Digital Age: Evreka Proudly Presents The Most Modular Waste Management Solution!


"A leading SaaS company, providing the most comprehensive intelligent solution designed for the entire category of waste management in more than 40 countries."


Established in 2015, Evreka was a leading research and development company focused on creating Smart City Solutions and defining its product capabilities around the IoT concepts.


In 2019, the company moved into the SaaS environment. Subsequently, it formed its product spectrum to develop smart waste management solutions for municipalities, private waste collection companies, and smart cities with a single, fully integrated platform.


Today, Evreka enlarged its scope and renewed its product family after detecting the sector's needs, listening to its users closely, and succeeding in keeping up with the digital age. In this article, we'd like to explain to you why Evreka renewed its product infrastructure.





The Need for More Modular & More Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions


Unless urgent action is taken, global waste will increase by 70% to 3.4 billion tons by 2050!


Proper waste management is part of core services that support the well-being of citizens offered by many companies dealing with waste and maintaining a circular economy and covers all waste-related operations from inception to final disposal.




But before managing waste, it is necessary to maintain the world's resources in the best and efficient way. At this point, Evreka offers groundbreaking technologies to municipalities, cross border waste collection companies, recycling centers, and smart cities in 5 continents.


Evreka has developed the most modular and comprehensive solution in the waste industry to meet the needs of each party involved in a wide range of waste management, to help them better manage their processes, to use the world's resources in a sustainable way, and to do all this at less cost!


Based on this, Evreka has made the product family, which is already under the management of "Assets, Operations, Human Resources, Fleet", larger and modular. Evreka has included the capabilities it has in its solution family and developed products to achieve a more modular structure and guarantee operational excellence.


And now Evreka has expanded its activities in 5 continents and 40 countries to more than 10 sectors. Evreka provides the most comprehensive intelligent solution for waste management no matter the size and type of the business.


Through the technology that Evrekas provides, the entire category of waste related operations is transformed into smarter ways!







The Scope of Evreka All-In-One Platform: Intelligent Waste Management Solution







Evreka positions itself as a company that always keeps its users at its center and responds to their needs instantly. It always updates itself to be the best solution provider in the industry in light of the "Always Better" vision. As it has a transparent relationship with its users, it closely monitors what they need and provides solutions.


Evreka's new solution family was born at this point. The aim was to produce an intelligent, seamless, and cost-efficient waste management solution that is easy to reach across the globe. For this reason, the Evreka All-In-One Platform, which already has a wide scope, has now become more comprehensive.


Evreka has created the most comprehensive solution in the waste management industry!


Evreka creates the best waste management solution by far, All-In-One Evreka Platform, to improve and digitize the whole waste process. Below, you can find more details about Evreka’s product infrastructure.


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Asset Management: Evreka asset management module provides location-based asset management capabilities, increases the lifespan of assets, and provides cost avoidance.

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Fleet Management: It provides real-time tracking, management, and analysis of fleet, increases planning, and cost-efficiency.

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Operations Management:  It provides hands-on management capabilities and intelligent insights for operational excellence.

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Customer Management: It provides a unique customer management system to cover customer relations, order, and price management.

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Finance Management: It is designed to meet the waste industry’s finance-specific requirements.

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Employee Management: It provides real-time tracking, management, and analysis of employees, increases planning and cost-efficiency.

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Citizen Management: It covers complete citizen relations, provides better-improved service quality, and ensures citizen satisfaction.

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Site Management: It provides flexible on-site management capabilities with demand planning, stock, and price management modules.

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Intelligence: Provides waste analytics, business insights, and efficiency improving suggestions and automation.

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This is the new age of Evreka


By the year 2020, Evreka plays this game on a completely different level. By developing a completely inclusive solutions family, it offers the most modular and intelligent solutions in the waste management industry. Evreka continues to lead the industry with the #AlwaysBetter approach in more than 40 countries.


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