Public Participation in Waste Management

Public Participation in Waste Management

Nowadays, citizens are keen to be involved in the solution process of the difficulties that they encounter around their environment.  This trend has become more omnipresent within society and created a monumental impact on the innovative attempts led by the different types of industries.

Due to the high influx of absolute and individual waste, solid waste management has been a crucial issue for all countries. Hereby, public cooperation becomes critical as much as integrated waste solutions to manage the most effective waste process.

While analyzing the novelty alternatives in citizen management, it’s essential to have a look at the European Union ISWM research that presents the opinions and suggestions of European citizens for better waste management.

Let’s check it out together!



Waste Collection


As indicated in the EU ISWM report, a vast number of participants said that waste needs to be collected more frequently. Furthermore, participants addressed the significance of the sustainability of the process despite the unusual status of containers.

“If they would collect it more frequently, you know, like two or three times a week… right now we take away the rubbish after we keep it in our flat for some time, or we put it in some other bin that is nearest, but then we fill up their bin you know.” (Slovenia FG1, P1)

“They won’t take it if the bin’s too heavy.” (United Kingdom, Newcastle-upon-Tyne FG1, P7)

Participants mentioned that the containers are not emptied regularly and the mess emanates from the false practices of the neighbors such as putting the waste into the wrong container. Besides, they suggested the schedule, set up for collecting waste, should be publicly available.

“They put bags down all over the ground, which break open and everything goes everywhere on the ground; its oranges, it’s bananas, it’s a mess. People go by and almost fall over; they slip on all that mess.” (Portugal FG3, P10)


Information Network


The report proves that an informative system is a prominent factor of involving the citizens into the waste management processes. Participants complained about the complexity of the existing system corresponding to different colors of bins for different types of waste. Here, we can comprehend how important the uniformity of specific signs and indicators are.

“Information is lacking on the bins as well. Throughout Italy, the bins aren’t the same color for paper and glass, so it is a problem of information. If I go to Sicily the glass bin might be yellow, I come to Milan then it is blue, I go to Cremona and there it’s another color.” (Italy, Milan FG1, P1)


Citizen Management


Citizens can be mavens if they reach high-quality information about waste management. The opinions and recommendations shown above let us see how much they are aware of the waste problems, what bothers them, and what needs to be improved from their perspective. Thereby, waste management companies and municipalities should galvanize citizens and build a collaborative business model. 

Even though it seems tough to access all territories and identify every single problem specified by citizens, it is simple to succeed with the facilitating features of the technology.

The first task should be to establish a communication network with the support of high-tech and encourage citizens to be involved in the process so that a bi-directional contact system can be created. Hence, residents become able to find and monitor the location of waste containers as well as deliver orders, requests, and complaints. It would be beneficial to lure citizens away from false waste practices and make them adhere to the rules determined by local authorities.

A digitized platform can offer a rapidly improving and problem-solving system and eliminate the barriers between the authorities and citizens.

Apart from the prosperity of citizens, automated systems are an opportunity that managers should seize. Can you imagine how easily you would manage your SLA(Service Level Agreement), documentation and reporting tasks with such an application? We do! All you need is to gain real-time data, separate agreements and run the reports on a single screen.


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