The Impact Of A Sustainable Waste Management System In Urbanization

The Impact Of A Sustainable Waste Management System In Urbanization


In the 21st century, there has been a drastic increase in the rate of urbanization, and there are many economic, environmental, and societal impacts that urbanization has caused. A steady stream of human migration from rural areas to metropolitan centers has undermined the world's power dynamics and balance for decades.



In 2018 alone, the world's urban population has risen from 751 million to 4.2 billion, almost six times since 1950. Although the rural community is expected to decrease over the next few decades, population growth in urban areas is projected to increase to six billion.



While rapid urbanization continues to reshape the global economy, it has become a significant challenge for communities and organizations around the world to find ways to provide sustainable services in cities. This rapid growth in the cities has led to more production, more resource consumption, and, ultimately, more waste generation. As a result, more people means more waste.



One of the things that make a city livable is the health and well-being of citizens and authorities are responsible for it. Moreover, municipalities and waste management companies need to build a sustainable and smart environment to make a city more livable, to keep the citizens satisfied, and to minimize the adverse effects of rapid urbanization.



Traditional waste collection methods applied in certain parts of the world are currently wholly inadequate, as they cannot find solutions to the problems of citizens in the cities, but also create more problems. The traditional waste collection system, which is inadequate, inefficient, and refers to the health of citizens, is one of the primary roles of the pollution problem today. Municipalities and waste management companies that can keep up with the developing technology have become today's winners by making their cities more sustainable and enabling citizens to live in a cleaner environment. Cities, which can incorporate these technologies, have the ability to meet their waste management needs in the long term.



At Evreka, we help visionary municipalities and waste management companies deal with the problems posed by urbanization and consider their next move. While saying goodbye to traditional waste management systems with modern and environmentally friendly solutions, Evreka makes the world more sustainable and cleaner with intelligent waste management solutions. Evreka has been developing solutions to change the game all around the world. With the in-house developed intelligent solutions: waste analytics, business insights, and efficiency-enhancing suggestions are provided with automation to bring higher service levels at any given time with minimum effort. As a result of the integration of smart waste management into cities:

  • The pollution caused by urbanization is prevented.
  • A severe decline in complaints from citizens, even a significant level of citizen satisfaction, is achieved.
  • With the falling fuel consumption, the global footprint and the carbon emission are reduced.
  • By managing all waste operations from a single-center, end to end system control is provided.
  • With the efficient collection of wastes, reduction in the time and workforce for operations and reduction in managerial time are achieved. Eventually, a high-cost saving is observed.
  • Thanks to access to detailed reports and Evreka suggestions, more proper steps can be taken for the future. And the pollution that comes with urbanization that causes big problems today can be addressed.



If you want to wake up to a cleaner, livable, and sustainable future, we invite you to meet Evreka technologies. Get your demo today.