What Should The Authorities Do To Minimize Citizen Complaints During The Pandemic?

What Should The Authorities Do To Minimize Citizen Complaints During The Pandemic?

The authorities, who are facing great challenges nowadays, are looking for different solutions to manage waste collection processes, to reduce complaints from their citizens and to respond to their requests quickly. In this process, they need to ensure the continuity of communication with citizens. So, what authorities should do to reduce the complaints of citizens? 


First of all, the authority responsible for each region should make the necessary plans to ensure the continuity of operations without any disruption, especially in household waste operations. For other waste collection operations, it should set its priorities and share the operation calendar with its citizens. Thus, when the operations are performed according to the type of waste when the citizens have this information, they can leave it at the most appropriate place for the collection of waste.


When we consider the most intense complaints right now,  the problem is overfilled waste containers. This creates a dangerous environment for the spread of the virus. The precaution to be taken here is to determine the visiting frequency of containers according to the waste generation behavior of citizens. When the frequency is increased in regions where these complaints are high, there will be serious decreases in complaint rates. In addition to this, authorities should inform their citizens in advance of any operational or scheduling changes.


Another thing to do is to make sure that the waste collection service reaches everyone. Due to the lack of resources, equal service may not be provided to each region. This can cause citizens' complaints to increase. It is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure that the service reaches each region by properly monitoring and reporting operations.



As for the rest operation types, especially bulky, hazardous and recycle waste operations are other operations that should continue without any disruption. To give an example, many municipalities/companies have their own appointment system for bulky waste collection. Every citizen can make a reservation for collection at any time. They can leave it at the appropriate place in the light of the determined rules after the payment process. Well, let's suppose that bulky waste was not collected during this crisis period. This can cause many problems in the environment as well as increase citizen complaints. In such operations, it will increase the satisfaction of the citizens to collect requests from citizens, to plan them by managing from a centralized system and to ensure that every task that can be done in the shortest time is completed by optimizing the use of resources.


So what should citizens do to reduce these complaints and improve operations?


Apart from operations management, another important issue is the authorities keep their relations with the citizens sustainable. The solidarity provided in this process will make things easier and more organized for both parties. For this reason, the authorities should provide little information about the responsibilities that citizens have on them and should provide convenience. For example, they can share journals to reduce waste production with their citizens. To ensure that wastes are properly separated from the home, they can share how to separate waste at their home according to types. Also, they can provide different waste bags for citizens to dispose of waste in suitable containers.



In short, local authorities are responsible for providing clear communications on services to residents. It is essential that authorities should inform about any changes to collection services as soon as possible and make clear that any changes are occurring to prioritize public health during this unprecedented time. It is also beneficial to suggest to residents that given that services may be stretched during the coronavirus pandemic.



So how can Evreka help reduce these complaints? With the CleanCity solution we offer, we provide sustainable communication between authorities and citizens and create operation pages on our platform for the best arrangement of operations. Thus, citizens can report their requests and complaints through CleanCity and see the nearest containers around them based on location. On the other hand, optimized routes are created in order to provide the necessary service and inform the citizens by gathering the requests and complaints in a centralized system. While the tasks completed/collected with the fulfillment features can be tracked in real-time, the incomplete ones are reported with their reasons. 




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